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Intermational Spring Festival

Greetings to all Potential Participants:

Beginning May 4th and continuing through June 16th, 2012, Arthur Murray Dance Schools around the world are joining in the fun and excitement of the 2012 International Dance Festival. Over the next six (6) weeks, all of the dance schools worldwide will be competing to increase the number of lessons taught, group and party attendance, guests and program enrollments. During this time, our school will be having weekly themed parties, a graduation dance, potlucks, prize drawings, a special outside event party, door prizes and many other special activities.

Your Arthur Murray Teachers have deemed the theme of this year’s International Dance Festival to be:

“Cheers to the Next 100 Years”

Join in the fun as we dance and celebrate like the party people we are with all the different Theme Parties.

You will be asked by your instructor to become a “School Sponsor”. Your responsibilities as a participant will be to attend and have fun at as many parties and school activities as possible. There is a small fee to become a participant, but we’re sure you will see that the value will far outweigh the cost.

To make the festival extra fun, all student participants will be earning Drawing Tickets for participating in all school activities. You will be winning prizes and receiving give-away’s all along the way. On June 16th, at our combined Studio Victory Picnic, the Grand Prize drawing will be held, with the Grand Prize awarded being

San Francisco Dance-O-Rama

The Bellevue, Everett, Federal Way, Seattle & Tacoma Schools are hoping for 100% participation and are looking forward to finishing 1st Place (again) in 2012. The Staff would like to thank you for helping us become the #1 School in our Division…(again)! Let’s Dance!