New Beginnings

2012 is right around the corner!! So, dancers, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?!

  • Travel to your dream destination, perhaps Fiji, Paris, the Amazon?
  • Climb Mount Everest? Run a marathon?
  • Lose those last 2 inches to fit into the skinny jeans you’ve had sitting in your closet for over a year?
  • Pray everyday? Read a new book every month?
  • Learn to swim? To ride a motorcycle?
  • Be more generous? More compassionate? Work on your temper?

At Arthur Murray, we might not be able to do some of these for you but we can definitely help assist you in crossing off a few other things from your resolution list: Want to be more confident? Make new friends/meet new people? Challenge yourself? Relieve Stress? LEARN TO DANCE? We want to help you achieve what you’ve always desired! There is no better time than the present! Each year, each day, each moment, is an opportunity for a new beginning and another chance to start on a new path in the adventure of life!!

**Comment & tell us all about your own resolutions for 2012!!!


About shorelinedancers

We are a fabulous & exciting dance studio in the Greater Seattle area, dedicated to the mission of changing people's lives through dancing!!

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