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New Beginnings

2012 is right around the corner!! So, dancers, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?!

  • Travel to your dream destination, perhaps Fiji, Paris, the Amazon?
  • Climb Mount Everest? Run a marathon?
  • Lose those last 2 inches to fit into the skinny jeans you’ve had sitting in your closet for over a year?
  • Pray everyday? Read a new book every month?
  • Learn to swim? To ride a motorcycle?
  • Be more generous? More compassionate? Work on your temper?

At Arthur Murray, we might not be able to do some of these for you but we can definitely help assist you in crossing off a few other things from your resolution list: Want to be more confident? Make new friends/meet new people? Challenge yourself? Relieve Stress? LEARN TO DANCE? We want to help you achieve what you’ve always desired! There is no better time than the present! Each year, each day, each moment, is an opportunity for a new beginning and another chance to start on a new path in the adventure of life!!

**Comment & tell us all about your own resolutions for 2012!!!

Student Testimonials

Here at Arthur Murray, we are dedicated to helping our students reach their goals. Whether that goal is exercise, stress relief, meeting people & making new friends, increased self-confidence, more fun & enjoyment our of social life, stand out on the dance floor, etc.; we are here to support you along the way!!

Thanks to all of our students who have posted these reviews. We are sincerely thankful to have the opportunity to work with such fabulous people every day. You all touch our lives just as much as we touch yours!

5 stars

Be the Dancer…

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Posted by by drmoira at… on 07/23/2011

“Be the Dancer – that’s who you are…” and I would like to add in an environment that is supportive, enthusiastic, joyful and caring. The teachers at Arthur Murray North Seattle meet you where you are and support you in achieving your dance goals, whether that is the first dance at your wedding, feeling comfortable dancing socially, dancing for health or in my case taking time from work to learn to dance, which I have always wanted to do. I very much appreciate the quality of the instruction and the multitude of opportunities to practice including classes, parties and private lessons. Each of the teachers bring their own unique gifts/talents and the curriculum is fun, challenging and inspiring. I experience that all the teachers are genuinely interested in helping me further my dancing and the variety of talent has helped me express who I am through dance. I highly recommend Arthur Murray North Seattle as an awesome community of dancers – won’t you join us in this amazing dancing opportunity. Moira

5 stars

If you want to learn to dance for the…

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Posted by clarkemorinw on 07/15/2011

If you want to learn to dance for the 1st time, get better with the amount of dancing you already know how to do, then Arthur Murray Shoreline is the place to go. I started taking lessons there 7 months ago, and it is so much fun to know that I can know go into a club on a Saturday night and “hold my own” on the dance floor, doing the Salsa, Cha-Cha, Swing, Waltz, Rumba, and Foxtrot…I never knew the difference between any of them 7 months ago. I have so much fun with my instructors, and yet, they still challenge me to improve my technique, my balance, my footwork. And the health benefits are a major bonus–my legs are stronger, I am no longer pre-diabetic (1st time in 8 years), and joy I get from being with my new friends keep me going back.

4 stars

Learn to Dance – Basics and Beyond

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Posted by by hos20037 at… on 12/22/2010

New dance studio to the N. Seattle / Shoreline area. Owners and Instructors are very experienced and create a friendly learning environment. I had three left feet when I started, and now I think I have figured out I have a left and a right. Check them out via the new student / introduction programs (reasonably priced) to see if dance is for you. So far, I have the basics down on Foxtrot, Rumba, Waltz, Swing and Tango … Thanks to my main instructors, you know who you are!!!
Best thing You Can ever do for yourself! by Sarah D.- 07/14/2011

I cant begin to express how happy I am about our decision to have dancing as part of our lifestyle. We have been to a couple other studios and didn’t really have great experiences. We heard so much about Arthur Murray and their reputation…so we tried them as our last resort. We are very pleased with their level of professionalism and their utmost sincere friendliness towards everyone. They are very patient with us…we are not the most talented couple! And all the other students there are equally friendly and very supportive of one another. I gotta say, the staff there have shown me more care and concern than people I know and work with!

Why do you dance? by Marie- 07/14/2011Whatever your answer to this question may be, your response will be valued by the staff at Arthur Murray. I’ve been dancing for over 50 years and so my answer is simply “gotta dance!” Therefore my training in Shoreline has been tailored to suit my interests and background. At the same time I’m treated to high quality ballroom technique. It gives me what I need to keep moving forward, while giving me what I want to keep dancing fun. Owner, Sam Smith calls this eating your vegetables and then having your candy too! So for a balanced dancing diet, come join us. It’s always fun to hear new answers. Why do you dance.


Learn to dance and have fun doing it! by John- 07/13/2011

I’ve been dancing on and off with Arthur Murray, and Sam Smith the owner, for quite some time now. Their staff are very competent, interested in helping you, positive and really friendly! Since starting I’ve gone from a guy with two left feet to someone that can not only hold their own dancing in public, but excell. (So ok, not in every type of dance… but I’m workin on that!) Since my partner is a fantastic dancer, learning to dance has really enriched our relationship. It has also helped us have more fun at parties and given me more confidence in public settings. (By the way, its really true that a guy that really knows how to dance is in much in demand around sleepy Seattle!) So if you want to have a lot of fun, meet other positive people, get some good exercise and be treated well, go to Arthur Murray in North Seattle!


1st Class instruction and atmosphere! by Dr John- 07/13/2011

I was really nervous about taking dance lessons, however, once i walked in the door to this studio, everyone in the building made me feel completely at ease and welcomed. The instructors were very upbeat and made learning so much fun. Even though they themselves can dance at a very high standard, they did not take themselves too serious and that was just what i needed. I’ve been with this studio for about 6 months now and I’m starting to feel very confident with my dancing. The teachers are just as enthusiastic now as they were when I first walked in. I feel like the studio has become my home away from home. It really is the happiest, friendliest place in town. Don’t take my word for it though. Stop by and check it out for yourself!!


Gemilla 11/18/2011

“I’ve been a student at Arthur Murray for three months now, and I just cannot believe howmuch I have learned in such a short period of time. All of the instructors do sucha  great job at breaking down the steps and techniques tot he many different dances they teath there, and they are al so encouraging and friendly. Within my first few weeks of taking lessons at the studio, my boyfriend became really curious about it because he could see that I was so excited about going to classes almost every night of the week. Admitting that dancing has always been outside of his comfort zone, he still wanted to check out Arthur Murray because he could see how much I loved it there. After his first group class and dance party, he actually shocked himself by the amount of fun he had! Now he’s coming to classes regularly (although still not as often as I am), and his confidence in dancing, along with mine, has gone way up. I would love to dance competitively someday, and I truly believe that Arthur Murray will help my “someday” come sooner than later… but just as importantly, they’ve turned my boyfriend and me into real dance partners! I am so thankful for that!!”