Monthly Archives: October 2011


On Friday, October 14th, we had our annual Masquerade Ball. It sure was a night to remember with fabulous dance solos by our talented students! And one of our very own students walked away with the Spotlight Challenge trophy!!

Congratulations to Gemilla Dacanay! Hard work pays off! You were great!!

Spotlight Challenge winner: Gemilla w/her instructors: Leroy & Levi

Hello, world!!

Welcome to our brand new blog! We will be keeping you updated on current studio events, updated on our amazing students’ progress, motivated and various other fun tidbits. Feel more than welcome to post your own comments with ideas, photos, your own success stories, etc. This blog is for all of our amazing students & potential students! As well as those of you out there that just love to dance and live life to the fullest!!! 🙂